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Schools for Troubled Teens

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Featured Schools and Programs

Bonneville Canyon RetreatBonneville Canyon Retreat
Bonneville Canyon Retreat is a life skills learning center that specializes in helping young male adults (ages 18 and over) find the path that leads to a successful and positive life. Our program provides a supervised. . . continue.
The Clearview program teaches practical skills and provides learning opportunities for girls who are not ready to rejoin their families. Clearview is a non-threatening, supportive, and home-like environment. We help our. . . continue.
Integrity House for GirlsIntegrity House for Girls
Integrity House maintains a staff of fully trained and licensed professionals to meet the educational and therapeutic needs of each resident. Our primary objective is to help adolescent girls gain the skills and courage they. . . continue.
High Top RanchHigh Top Ranch
Our small enrollment allows us to be rich in experiences while individualizing our services. We deeply believe all young people can learn and do anything they desire. Our comprehensive program of school, therapy, community. . . continue.
Sorenson's RanchSorenson's Ranch
Sorenson's Ranch provides a comprehensive program of school, therapy, community service, ranch work, and activities. We aim to help students heal develop self worth through academic, social, and extracurricular success.. . . continue.
North Star Treatment CenterNorth Star Treatment Center
North Star Treatment Center is a licensed Residential Treatment Center for teenage boys, ages 12-17 years old. North Star is in the beautiful serene setting of Southern Utah, near Zion’s National Park. We have over 30. . . continue.
Shepherd's Hill FarmShepherd's Hill Farm
At SHF, therapy is not something that is reserved for an office. Therapy is done everywhere and all the time. Our 30 full and part time staff members are trained to look for "teachable moments" in every activity and in every. . . continue.
Resolution Ranch
Our motto for the Resolution R.A.N.C.H. Experience is "Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling, and Healing." Resolution Ranch is centered on change, honesty, and trust, with a. . . continue.