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Resolution Ranch

Typical Student
Resolution Ranch is designed around addressing the need for behavioral modification of young men, ages 13-17, dealing with or suffering from discipline problems, lack of respect for authority or the law, poor academic achievement, family dysfunction, substance abuse and addiction, self-mutilation, violent tendencies, depression and much more.
Program Description
Our motto for the Resolution R.A.N.C.H. Experience is "Recovery and Academics through Nature, Counseling, and Healing." Resolution Ranch is centered on change, honesty, and trust, with a core foundation of individual and group therapy sessions and outdoor activities to provide a nurturing environment for making positive life changes.

We know that the decision to place your child in a treatment facility is extremely difficult. To help ease this process, we are committed to communicating with you on a regular basis regarding your child's progress and recovery.
Program Type
Five phase therapeutic camp.
Resolution Ranch is as much dedicated to educational success as it is to emotional recovery. Every resident will be in school for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Your child's course of study will be tailored to meet his individual grade level and needs. In addition, Resolution Ranch offers individual tutoring and consultation often lacking in our nation's overcrowded classrooms. We work hard to prepare those individuals in need standardized test preparation for TAKS, SAT, GED, CHSPE, high school exit exams, and many more.
School Credentials
Education is coordinated through independent study programs and proctored by a credentialed teacher. We will make every attempt to arrange for continued study from your child's current school, but there are other options as well. Although we are not an accredited school, we can arrange for credits to be attained through an accredited independent study program such as the University of Nebraska, Texas Tech, University of Texas, and many others. We do not endorse any one specific program. Take your time and research several, and choose the one that best suits your child's needs.
Aside from being a residential camp, Resolution Ranch is a fully functional longhorn cattle ranch sitting upon more than 400 acres in the pristine Texas countryside. As a resident, along with his recovery, your child will learn how to apply the skills and knowledge gained in the program towards hands-on ranch work.
The tuition for this program is $4500 per month for the first three months and then drops to $3500 per month after that. The acadmic program is included in this price.
Payment Plan
Monthly payments are accepted.