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Sorenson's Ranch

Typical Student
Sorenson's Ranch is a co-educational boarding and residential school for the treatment of troubled teens 13 - 17 with average and above average ability. We serve students with histories of problems with parents, substance abuse, low or nonexistent self-esteem, learning difficulties, running away, dropping out or being expelled from school, and extreme mental stress.
Program Description
Sorenson's Ranch provides a comprehensive program of school, therapy, community service, ranch work, and activities. Sorenson's Ranch provides a comprehensive program of school, therapy, community service, ranch work, and activities. We aim to help students heal develop self worth through academic, social, and extracurricular success. Sorenson's Ranch is a place for our students to get "back-to-nature" away from big-city influences. We believe that learning takes place not only in a formal classroom, but also in all activities our students participate in.
Program Type
Co-educational boarding school, residential school and treatment for troubled youths with average and above average ability.
Sorensonís academic program is year-round. The competency-based curriculum provides all the courses necessary for the student to earn a Utah high school diploma. Classes are based on a mastery of skills rather than on "seat time" with no quarters or semester system.
School Credentials
Sorenson's is a licensed residential treatment. We are accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges. We are also licensed as a mental health and substance-abuse treatment center with the Utah State Human Services Department and are accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
Located on a working ranch in Southern Utah, the school is situated in an open wilderness area broken up by rustic streams and ponds. Student housing consist of ten rustic cabins and dorms all with attached restrooms. There is a counseling office, a kitchen, an infirmary, a game room, hiking trails, playing fields, and animal/tack facilities. The lodge houses a multipurpose room for dining and activities.
Follow Up Program Type
Depending on the individual, transition from the Sorenson program may be to a home, another school, or a college.
Tuition is $5,500 per month with a one-time startup up fee of $2,500.
Payment Plan
No scholarships are available, but in some cases religious organizations, state agencies, or insurance companies (depending on the individual policy) will help with some tuition. (Pre-authorization is required.)

Sorenson's Ranch